03 junho 2008

Redução do preço da marca comunitária

O PITI já tinha dado, aqui, conta do Conselho da Competitividade e do papel do governo português na redução dos custos da marca comunitária.
A peça que me faltava era esta: a nota entregue pela delegação portuguesa para a discussão no ponto "Any other business", ver aqui. Nesta reunião, que decorreu no final da semana passada, Portugal pediu uma redução de 30% nos custos da marca comunitária, que hoje tem um valor de €1.600. Podemos aferir isto de uma notícia do Financial Times, de que o PITI teve conhecimento no IAM:

"A cut in European Union trademark fees could finally be in sight after Brussels said it planned legal changes to tackle a mounting surplus of funds at the EU trademark office this year.
Charlie McCreevy, the internal market commissioner, told a meeting of industry ministers in Brussels that he planned a legislative proposal before the end of the year.
Greater-than-expected popularity of the "community trademark" - an intellectual property right covering the EU - has led to a build-up of more than €300m ($467m, £236m) in spare funds.
The trademark office - known as the Office of Harmonisation for the Internal Market (OHIM) - wants to slash its fees to prevent any further build-up of cash, and to return at least some of the current surplus to trademark applicants.
But these plans have run into opposition from some of the 27 member states, which fear that their domestic trademark offices will lose business as a result.
The European Commission pushed through one cut in the OHIM's fees in 2005 and, in principle, the need for another cut was accepted a year ago. But, since then, the necessary formal proposals have not materialised.
The issue was raised by Portugal at Competitiveness Council meetings this week, with Lisbon's officials calling for a 30 per cent cut in the €1,600 cost of a community trademark. In response, the commissioner is understood to have assured ministers that the matter will be dealt with this year."

Ver também o post do IP::JUR que alertou para isto.

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